Cadence at Poway Gardens’ popular horticultural-therapy program is innovative in both application and results. With the help of capable and willing residents, horticultural staff and volunteers, we grow more than 20,000 pounds of organic fruit and vegetables every year. And what doesn’t end up in our own kitchens is donated to needy families and seniors in the area.

But growing food produces other fruits, too. It can cultivate new skills and belonging, nurtures a deep connection with nature, and exercises both body and mind. Residents feel a part of something as they work alongside each other, staff members and volunteers for a greater purpose. In fact, some residents say this experience is one of the highlights of their life.

Fresh from the ground
Enjoy family-style meals every day
Help grow your own food
Farm-to-table dining


No matter your age or where you live, looking forward to a delicious meal is a daily joy. Healthy eating not only makes for happy residents, it can reduce the use of pharmaceuticals through sound nutrition. Our dietitian-monitored menu provides a variety of dishes that stimulate the appetite, maximize nutrition and tickle the taste buds.


The produce from our community gardens enhances Poway Gardens’ culinary menu, meaning residents can enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor and nature’s bounty. We are thankful to live in a place where we can say, “Yes, we grew this together.”

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